Kilamanjaro Lemosho guided trek from Badger Adventures

The 11 day Lemosho route as an alternative from the busier Machame route, which we join at the Lava Tower. Starting on the eastern side of the mountain, we offer a quieter start to your trip of a lifetime. While soaking up the breath taking scenery and the possibility of viewing wildlife, especially the black and white colobus monkey, a slower ascent and relaxed pace offers good acclimatisation, preparing you to attempt and the likelihood of reaching the summit.

Kilamanjaro Lemosho

Our experienced guides accompanied by the porter staff, quite often the heart and soul of your trip, will ensure this challenge will be an exhilarating, unforgettable and rewarding trip of a lifetime.

Lemosho Route ItineraryPrice: £2199pp

DayTrek Description
1Depart Heathrow
2Arrive Kilimanjaro international airport
3Londorossi Gate – Mti Mkumba (Big Tree Camp) 2780m, After a hearty breakfast we transfer to the west of Kilimanjaro , and arrive at the Londorossi gate. This is where we meet the rest of the crew. Lunch is taken at this point and then after lunch it’s a nice walk throught he forest to our first camp, Mti Mkubwa (Big tree Camp) 2780m
4Mti Mkumba – Shira Camp 3505m, This morning we begin by Crossing the Shira plateau, which is one of the most scenic parts of the trip. Today we will gain 700m of ascent, so the pace is slow and steady, allowing us to acclimatise, and finally arriving at shira camp
5Shira – Barranco Camp 3972m, Todays walk is where get our first taste of high altitude, at the Lunch point Lava Tower camp 4600m, leaving the vegetation behind, and walking through the boulders left by the lava flow, and in the shadow of the Mountain. The walk is slow and really steady until lunch. After lunch we descend to camp, walking back into vegetation and camp underneath the famous Barranco wall.
6Barranco Camp – Karranga Camp 4002m, We set off this morning with a steady climb and scramble over Barranco wall, and then off to walk through the Karranga Valley, to arrive at Karranga Camp around Lunch time. Lunch is taken and then the rest of the day is spent relaxing in camp.
7Karranga – Barrafu Camp 4600m, Today is another morning walk, to arrive at the high camp Barrafu. We will arrive around lunch time again, and then rest for remainder of the day to save our energy for the big push for the summit.
8Barrafu – Summit – Barrafu – Millenium camp 3112m, We normally set off around midnight after snacks and a hot drink from the mess tent. We aim to get to the summit around 8am, and after slaps on the back and photos we head off back to Barrafu. After a short rest and a bite to eat we head off towards millienium camp, a more sociable altitude to sleep at after all the hard work of the night before.
9Millenium – Mweka Gate 1800m, After a good nights sleep we head off, back in vegetation and forest down towards the Mweka Gate, where we pick up our transfer back to the hotel for a well earned rest and shower. Dinner is on Badger Adventures to celebrate your acheivements.
10Free Morning – Leave for Home. Morning by the pool, and then transfer to the airport to start the journey home
11Arrive Heathrow

Kilimanjaro Trek Customer Reviews

“A month back from Kilimanjaro and I’m still dreaming of Tanzania and wishing we could do it all over again.

Lovely group of people, brilliant porters and guides, tonnes of support and guidance, wonderful Ritchie as a leader and delicious food to keep us going = amazing and special experience.

We wanted to add a couple of days extra onto our adventure so went on to Zanzibar and I really recommend taking that extra rest and recuperation time on some white sands. It was super easy to sort out our own flights and we felt supported throughout the whole process.

If you’re thinking about climbing Kili, DO IT!

Thank you Ritchie!”


“I have just returned from trekking Kilimanjaro with Badger Adventures and the JustKilimanjaro crew in Tanzania. Where do I start?

This was quite simply the most fantastic thing I have done, and I have had some great experiences in the past, but this one shades them all.

It was well organised and someone like myself who joined late and did not have a lot of time to plan was well served by the mine of information passed down from Badger Adventures. I was ready in time. Just.

Africa. It was my second time on the continent and it blows you away with its size, and contrasts. Don’t expect to get anything done too quickly in Africa and if you go prepared for the odd moments of hanging around you will be best served.

Ritchie, Chief Badger, is vastly experienced and was extremely helpful at our beautiful overnight in Snowcap Cottages at getting our trail and mountain bags ready, out went the hair driers, high heels and other unwanted weight, and we were off.

This was our introduction to our crew. An army of porters and guides, all loaded down with tents, mountain bags, their own kit, the camping toilet, and a kitchen, all of whom were unbelievably cheerful and happy throughout the trip. By the end of day one we were learning names and basic Swahili, and boy are they fit, powering past us on the trails and setting up camp for us. The food was so very good throughout, hot, warm and filling, Morning Tea brought to your tent, breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, how they produced it in a small tent is beyond me!

We were now getting quite familiar with each other and our habits and bonding into a team. I travelled with my friends John and Hayley but was delighted to make the acquaintance of James, Sarah, Amy, Neale and Sarah, sorry I mean Clare, and I think we all now share a bond that brings a grin to my face whenever I think about the adventure we shared. Also on the trip was Cam our doctor and his quiet, helpful advice was invaluable.

Ritchie and Cam taught us to manage our own condition and reaction to altitude as we walked higher and I was delighted to not suffer any of the dreaded symptoms that adorn some of the more lurid accounts of the climb beloved of the Internet.

Lastly the climb itself. I did not think that it was that tough until the last day but it was superbly handled, introducing us gradually to walking at increased altitude in thinner air. This ensured that come the big day we were as ready as we could have been. It is a beautiful trek through a variety of environments culminating in the summit.

Kilimanjaro looms over you for the entire walk and is in hundreds of pictures taken along the way. Dark, forbidding and ever present. the mountain looms there, over your shoulder long after you have descended from its upper slopes and are on your walk out of the National Park.

It was an epic week, spent with old and new friends. We laughed uproariously, we ribbed each other and, when the time came, we supported each other up that hill. I loved every minute of it.

Will I go back? I would not rule it out. Would I use Badger Adventures again. Yes I would.

Thank you Richie and everyone else at Badger Adventures for making it possible!”

Neil Tonge

“I trekked Kilimanjaro with the Badger in February 2016, Ritchie really is a top guide and Badger adventures made the whole process of booking and undertaking such a massive trip really easy.

As well as being super friendly and very reassuring; Ritchie’s mountain skills are amazing, Ritchie was so good a so subtle at keeping an eye on everybody in the group to ensure they had a successful ascent and that everyone in the group was comfortable with the pace. His mountain and medical knowledge are outstanding, and awareness of little signs of potential problems are very reassuring when you are so far away from home, Richie made me feel completely at ease about every part of the trip and trek, and I would strongly recommend Badger adventures for UK or foreign trips.

Ritchie also led a charity group to Everest base camp which included my wife; who could not speak highly enough of Ritchie’s skill and care for people under his charge, so there’s two separate people one two separate High altitude trips that hold “The Badger” in extremely high regard.”

Ken Topham

“Kilimanjaro! What an amazing experience, everything was so well organised, Ritchie Evans is a bit of a legend as far as I’m concerned, I have been on several treks with badger adventures and always felt I was in very safe and experienced care. The guys at the other end were fantastic and so helpful too. Booking the flights was simple, Ritchie had given us his flight details and I just simply went online and booked the same flights as him – I didn’t fancy flying long haul on my own (!) I loved the whole experience and would highly recommend this trip to everyone who loves an adventure and a challenge. Oh and the food was INCREDIBLE! One of my highlights.. that and the views oh and my awesome group wink emoticon xx”
Dawn Mcintyre

“Just booked flights for our October 2016 trip up Kilimanjaro with Badger Adventures. The whole process was very quick and simple. Thanks to Ritchie for passing on his flight details so we’re booked onto the same outgoing flight as him and the Doc! Also, booking our own made it super easy to tailor the trip to our needs, particularly allowing us to build in 3 days of much needed R&R in Zanzibar before flying home! Counting down the days…..! :)”

“Me and my brother Tim and his brother in law wanted to do something big to celebrate his 50th birthday so eventually we decided on climbing Kilimanjaro. After some discussion we agreed to use Badger Adventures for our trek and they in turn told us that they would be using a company called Just Kilimanjaro for the in country support; they were very transparent and clear about everything right from the start which gave us a lot of confidence in them.

As soon as the deposit was paid we were sent a raft of paperwork including kit lists, medical questionnaires, passport detail forms and even dietary requirement forms for the trek to ensure we could highlight any foods we didn’t like etc. The whole process to this point was amazing and reassuring, the Badger Adventures leader even set up a Facebook instant messaging group and added all of his clients to the group so we could chat and get to know each other before the trek! What a great idea!

Also it was made clear to us that if we had any questions we could ping an instant message to this group and Ritchie would get back to us with the answers; he was true to his word, the level of support leading right up to the day of the trek was second to none!

On the day of departure three of our group had arranged to meet Ritchie at Heathrow airport and fly out together, sure enough a joyful bearded man approached the cafe we were waiting at and greeted us warmly; he then proceeded to give us our Badger Adventure Kilimanjaro Trekking polo shirts that he had ordered for us free of charge!

A great flight to Tanzania ensued with much laughter and discussion with Ritchie about what we were about to experience. At Kilimanjaro airport Ritchie helped us through the quite convoluted process of immigration and filling out landing cards which was a great help, I’m sure we asked lots of silly questions but he just smiled and talked us through the whole experience.

We went for lunch in Moshi to a restaurant called Fifis which was a great place, clean, cool, good food and lovely staff it was so relaxing after a long flight. As we sat round the table with Ritchie and the rest of our group we got to know each other better and it was all so relaxed; my good early feelings about Badger Adventures were being quickly cemented!

After lunch we had a long drive to our hotel for the night at Snowcap Cottages, a very good hotel lodge that I can easily recommend. That evening once we were settled in and after some very good food for evening meal Ritchie sat us down in the bar with a beer and gave us our first brief. It was obvious that he was very experienced and an excellent guide, we learnt that he had summited Kilimanjaro 36 times previous to our expedition yet he acted with the professional and care as if this was his first set of clients which I thought was great.

With all preparations completed the next day we set off on the Rongai route with a guide called Noel from Just Kilimanjaro and Ritchie, earlier the porters had come and taken our mountain bags and sped off to the first camp leaving us just carrying our day sacks with cold and wet kit in, some water and some food. How the porters manage such heavy loads at such speed I’ll never know!

One constant theme on the trip was the sheer quality of the food! It was really amazing, the food provided at altitude with only basic facilities was far above the quality of some food you will find in well established restaurants!

Every night we had a brief from Ritchie and again it was obvious that he was vastly experienced, there were a few issues with the Zips on our tents they were quickly sorted once we highlighted them. One person in our group didn’t come too well prepared in the clothing and equipment area; no problems Ritchie produced a plethora of spare clothing and equipment and lent it out at no cost to ensure this clients comfort and warmth, I was amazed as usually loaning kit out from a guide will incur a fee; not here.

On about day 2 I got quite ill with nausea, Ritchie was great and offered constant support and had a first aid kit full of medicines, it was at this point I realised just how experienced he was with medical knowledge especially at altitude. It turned out he was also well qualified too so I felt safe in his hands despite being ill, sure enough a day later I was better and back to enjoying my trip.

All through the hike from the first day to the last Ritchie and his selected in country staff were great and we had such a laugh, you can have a great time here anyway because of the beauty of Kilimanjaro but Badger Adventures really made our expedition what it was with some great memories!

The level of support we had both in country and back in the UK was just amazing, I couldn’t have summited without it and I certainly wouldn’t have had so much fun without Ritchie that’s for sure.

On our last evening in Tanzania we were taken out for a meal at a restaurant in Moshi and again it was great; I’m not sure who paid for it but it wasn’t us clients!!

The next day as we were preparing to fly home so Ritchie presented us with our certificates for reaching the summit they were high quality indeed.

All in all I can’t recommend Badger Adventures enough, from start to finish they were great and Ritchie really cared about us and our experiences. He made the whole trip what it was and based on my experience I think you would be mad not to at least consider Badger Adventures for your trek.”

Peter Garrett

“I recently went to Kilimanjaro with Badger Adventures, I have already reviewed them on this web site but I just wanted to make a separate entry about the flights.

The cost of the trip does not cover the flights but despite this Ritchie was more than happy to make the process really easy by booking my flights for me! He has all the experience about when to get the best price and who to.

Included in price:

Accommodation(breakfast included), meals as outlined, park fees and transfers, guides and support staff for the trek, UK Doctor if Min Number of participants is reached.

Please note this DOES NOT INCLUDE Flights, personal insurance, visas, tips for porters, Lunch and Dinner on Day 10

Personal Insurance Information

Every precaution is taken in ensuring your safety whilst under taking one of our trips, however outdoor activities have a certain element of risk of injury or death which cannot be eliminated. You are required (as with any sporting activity) to cover yourself with adequate personal insurance to cover your personal belongings, cancellation insurance, hospitilisation and loss of earnings. If your trip with Badger Adventures is at altitude, then your policy should cover you for this.

By signing onto an activity or course, with Badger Adventures, you are stating that you are fully aware of these potential risks and accept them.

BMC, Venture Guard, Campbell and Irvine offer a good range of travel insurance covering adventurous challenge activities.

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Sunrise over Kilimanjaro


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  • Duration: 11 days
  • Rating: Tough
  • No of people (min): 10

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2019 Lemosho Dates
  • Thursday 14th Feb – Sunday 24th Feb
  • Thursday 18th Jul – Sunday 28th Jul
  • Thursday 12th Sep – Sunday 22nd Sep
2020 Lemosho Dates
  • Thursday 13th Feb – Sunday 23rd Feb
  • Thursday 16th Jul – Sunday 26th Jul
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