Introduction to Navigation Courses

£60 per person

The Introduction to Navigation Course is designed to give the individual confidence in the skills of mapwork. You will progress and advance into walking in the countyside on your own, giving you the confidence to plan a route, and then to execute it. A level of fitness is required for a days walk, about 10km’s per day.


Arrive at the start, ready to go, then off for the day learning on the way. Then return to the starting point.

Skills Covered

  • Introduction to the map, scales, symbols and grid references.
  • Intoduction to the compass and its features. How to take a bearing, and check direction.
  • Introduction to contour lines.
  • Relocation

Bespoke courses can be organised and run in an area near your home area, if you have a minimum of 4 people or more.

What’s Included?

Qualified instructor
Full kit list so you are equipped for the day

Not Included

Transport to the area
Parking fee

  • Location: Lake District
  • Terrain: Lowlands Area

Navigation Introduction Dates

2018 Navigation Introduction Date
  • Saturday tba
  • Saturday tba
  • Saturday tba
  • Saturday tba
  • Saturday tba
  • Saturday tba

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